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Canopy Adventure Pattaya with Transport

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Tour Details

Get an adventure of gliding through Thailand’s longest cable ride which is 3200m long. Dense Kao Yai Da rainforest will let you enjoy your surrounding nature while you fly over the treetops. Gorgeous overview under your feet will let you enjoy a day with adventure & thrill.

Canopy Adventure Pattaya is the first cable course & the only place in Thailand to offer tandem cables, making for a romantic activity for couples or just a fun way to enjoy the experience. Your adventure begins with the pickup from your hotel. You will then get a ride to the city and a little village. After arriving the site, you will need to fill up the insurance form. After the job is done, you will be transported to the mountain on a 4×4 pickup. You will get a free locker there to leave your belongings there safely. There a small session will be dedicated to teaching you about safety & braking system. You will get gloves to keep your hand safe along with a water bottle. After mastering the braking process & having prepared with all types of equipment, you will reach the cable platform by hiking. Here you will get the thrill of enjoying the cable ride. It’s totally safe, and before reaching the platform, you will get all kind of safety instruction along with a safety guide with you.

Cable ride is always eco-friendly because you don’t need to step on the jungle and disturb the forest life. You will just fly over the woods and enjoy nature from a different perspective. Breathtaking height & long cable line will let you test your skill & win your fear. You will get some of the most spectacular views of your Thailand tour. It’s just fabulous hanging on a cable and enjoys the forest below your feet.


  • Breathtaking adventure
  • Amazing view of nature & rainforest
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comfortable shorts or long pants with t-shirt are recommended. Wear sports shoes so that it doesn’t drop off easily
  • Bring camera but it should have strong strap for safety
  • Guests must be at least 120 cm tall (4 ft) and not weigh more than 120 kg (265 lb)

Operation hours: 7:00am-10:00pm

  • 3200 meters cable
  • 23 Expertly designed and constructed platforms
  • 17 Cable rides
  • 1 Sky brides

How to Prepare
•    We suggest wearing comfortable shorts or long pants and a T-shirt.  Sports shoes or sandals that don’t drop off easily are also highly recommended.
•    Cameras are a wonderful addition so you can capture all the action!  Our guides are happy to assist by taking photos and video while you zip through the treetops!  This is a free service; simply bring your camera and ask a guide upon arrival.
•    A free locker service is also available to store any extra items.
•    Remember to bring along your adventurous side and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!Requirements
•    Guests must be at least 120 cm tall (4 ft) and not weigh more than 120 kg (265 lb).
•    Activity is not recommended for persons with high blood pressure, heart conditions, pregnancy, asthma, dizziness, epilepsy, or spine, neck or back problems.


  • Thai

Included Features

  • The REAL Rainforest Canopy Adventure
  • Full safety training and equipment
  • Lunch (set menu of Thai food, fruit buffet and 2 water bottles)
  • English/Russian speaking guide
  • Free WiFi available at the site
  • Pick up and drop off by VIP van from hotel
  • Locker service to keep any extra items secure
  • Optional childcare for any children under 7 years



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