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What would the world be like without a rubber? Where was rubber first discovered and utilized? What can we do with rubber? How did we discover that rubber can erase pencil marks? Why is Thailand the leader in rubber crop production?
Find the answers to these questions at RUBBERLAND, the first and only museum in Thailand that brings together all the wonders of rubber, a key economic crop for the country and a globally coveted resource that reflects the Thai way of life.

Operates daily: 11:00 am – 18:00 pm

With the cool projection mapping, you’ll discover why rubber has become Thailand’s key economic crop. Moreover, you will get to venture into a rubber park among creative-looking rubber trees and have a fun and exciting rubbery experience.

With the mini rubber factory model and our virtual guides or “rubber gang”, you’ll experience the amazing transformation of rubber, from the plantation, production of concentrated latex and many advanced production techniques, to the resulting products found in everyday life.

Here, you will experience a stunning range of rubber usage in everyday life – from balls to automotive components to trying on gigantic rubber shoes.

Wander into a fantastic world under the concept of “when everything is made of bouncy rubber” and discover the unexpected joys through fascinating themed zones!

THE JUNGLE: Be amazed by the full range of animals made of rubber from Thailand’s tropical forests.

THAI SWEETS: Be surprised by the recreations of Thailand’s most famous dishes and snacks in gigantic rubber forms.

UNDER THE SEA: Be dazzled by the amazing marine life, like you were diving into the beautiful underwater world yourself.

INSPIRATION: Be inspired by the creative innovations of rubber design.

Rubberland is a hub for the distribution of quality latex bedding products made from 100% natural Thai latex. The rubber protein in latex has the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and dust mites. Rubber bedding itself offers the right amount of support helping to correct bad sleeping position and adapt to the vertebral curve of the human body.


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